Poetry & Prose


Life Story” and “Advice to My Twenty-Four-Year-Old Self.The Revolution Relaunched: Fall 2020.

The Baby Sloth Syndrome.” DIAGRAM: Summer 2020.

A phobia of dying if motion stops.” Rogue Agent: Summer 2019.

“My Texas Hansel and Gretel.” Fairy Tale Review: March 2019.

“Alice in Wonderland Crimes” and “Valentine’s Day.” Literary Nest: Winter 2018.

“The Real Thing” and “Elegy for the Lost Playlist of your Life.” Gold Wake Live. Winter 2018.

“An Old Farmer’s Almanac” and “Prayer for Comfort.” Awkward Mermaid: Fall 2018.

“[for & against] Longing.” Cream City Review: Spring 2018.

“[for & against] Blackberries” and “[for & against] Design.” Minerva Rising: Summer 2018.

“Mouth & Bee, 1986.” Puerto del Sol. Summer 2018.

“[for & against] Restlessness,” “[for & against] Stillness,” “[for & against] Lineage.” I-70 Review: Fall 2018.

“As delicate as the skin over a girl’s wrist.” Hayden Ferry Review: Fall 2017.

“For Omens.” Red-Headed Stepchild: Fall 2017.

“Say you say.” Heron Tree: Fall 2017.

“Against the Rubble of the Personal.” Radar Poetry. Summer 2017.

“For Unwanted Truths.” Dying Dahlia: Summer 2017.

“Against Renunciation,” “For My Mother’s Hands,” and “Against Wisdom.” Glint: Fall 2017.

“Elegy for Snow & a Self in a Day that Did Not Belong to Her.” Rising Phoenix: April 2, 2017.

“Elegy for the empty we cannot say.” Rising Phoenix: April 23, 2017.

“Blowtorch Experiment No. 2.” Rising Phoenix: May 1, 2017.

“By any other name.” Rising Phoenix: May 31, 2017.

“Arguments for & against slow days,” “Argument for & against the ruined body,” “Argument for & against effacement,” and “Song to Make a Lost Moment Last.” Prairie Schooner. Fall 2016.

“Under the missing & innumerable stars.” Southword: Summer 2015.

“Elegy for candy cigarettes & the lost art of soap opera names.” Tinderbox: Summer 2015.

“Osteochondroma Lineage.” Wordgathering: June 2011.


Canaries and Coalmines: A Review of Jenny Molberg’s Refusal.The Adroit Review: Spring 2020.

Review of Adam Crittenden’s Blood Eagle. Heavy Feather Review: Spring 2020.

“WWBD (What Would Buffy Do?)” Breath and Shadow: Summer 2019.

Review of Nate Logan’s Inside the Golden Days of Missing You. Barrelhouse: Fall 2019.

“Objects Waiting to be Dangerous.” Waxwing: Summer 2018.

 “Reasons for Moving.” Wordgathering: September 2017.

“In the Waiting Room.” The Right to Be Crippled & Naked. Cinco Puntos: 2016.

“Littoral Drift.” Wordgathering: September 2013.

“Still Learning to Love the Limp.” Wordgathering: December 2018.

“The Beauty of Beauty is a Verb.” Wordgathering: June 2017


Beauty is a Verb: the new poetry of disability. Cinco Puntos Press: 2011.

The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked. Cinco Puntos Press: 2016.